Top 3 Tips to Building Back-to-School Graze Boards

When September hits, there’s only one thing that this former teacher thinks of . . . school! There’s a thrill to gathering school supplies, picking out backpacks, and packing lunchboxes. Whether your kids are learning virtually or in-person, they’ll need delicious, balanced lunches (and snacks, snacks, and more snacks). Graze boards will get your kids excited about eating fun, yet nutritious foods. And best yet, lunch and snacks will be “packed” on one board! Create your own and invite your kids to help you by using these top three tips for creating a perfect back-to-school graze board:

  1. Incorporate dips. Graze boards are a perfect way for kids to experiment with new foods and flavor combinations, so don’t be afraid to try unique dips. If your kids aren’t so adventurous yet, the old standbys of ranch and peanut butter work perfectly on a lunch board. Fill two ramekins or small bowls (I love these and use these all the time) and set them on the center of the board, then begin building around them. 
  2. Cut food into approachable sizes and fun shapes. Load up the board with organic fruits and veggies. I used this 12-pack of cookie cutters for the fruit and cheese. The larger cookie cutters in the pack would be perfect for cutting sandwiches. 
  3. Don’t forget healthy sweet and salty snacks. I chose whole-grain goldfish crackers, organic lightly salted popcorn, Unreal crispy quinoa gems, and all-natural fruit yoyos. If you haven’t tried Smart Sweets, they are also my go-to! With this balanced lunch and snack board, your kids will be satisfied and won’t be asking for dessert (or more snacks)!

To add to the fun, enjoy grazing with these utensils! You can find products I used or other inspo HERE!

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