Five Festive Fall Features

We’re almost one week into fall and it didn’t take me long to jump aboard the autumn train! I’ve had my first pumpkin spice latte, decorated my house with gourds and pumpkins, and forced cozy sweaters in slightly-too-warm weather. I was born and raised in sunny California where summer was hands down my favorite season. But once I experienced my first fall in Kansas, it was a no-brainer for me. . . this crisp season became my favorite. I love channeling and embracing the beauty of this season in all aspects of life, but especially when creating graze boards. If you plan on designing your own autumn board, here are my five favorite festive fall features: 

  1. Start with the base. Find a serving platter in an autumn-like color, such as this one in burnt orange. Add bowls ( for holding olives and dips) in fall-inspired shapes, like a leaf or pumpkin.
  2. Put a pumpkin on it. Simply add a jack-be-little palm-sized pumpkin on your board to create a classic fall vibe. I’m partial to the white pumpkins. Follow #boardswithgourds for some serious gourd inspo!
  3. To create a cohesive look, think color. From cheeses to fruits to candy, shop for rich autumn-toned foods. My go-to cheese is Beemster Aged Gouda, which is a beautiful orange color.
  4. Shop seasonal. During this time of year, nearly all of my boards include seasonal foods such as locally grown apples, figs, or pomegranates. Can you spot them?
  5. Use cookie cutters. Use playful cookie cutters to cut soft cheeses, like brie, into leafs or pumpkins. You can also incorporate a cookie cutter on your board by filling it with nuts, candy, or fruit. This creates a make-shift bowl and really makes the shape pop!

* Bonus Tip–Dig in and enjoy! There are so many beautiful serving pieces to add to your graze board. My favorites? A honey spool and COVID-friendly cocktail toothpicks for each grazer. Throw down your favorite table cloth or blanket to complete the look and Bon Appétit! See the rest of my fall finds HERE

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