Hot Chocolate Boards are now trending and it’s only the first day of winter! There is no better time to cozy up inside, turn on your favorite Hallmark movie, and sip on hot cocoa.

  1. Start with mugs filled with hot cocoa or hot cocoa powder. I found these cute little Santa mugs at the dollar tree (back in November).
  2. Build the base of the board around the mugs using delicious cookies for dipping. My personal favorite are stroopwafles, biscotti, baton cookies, and dark chocolate covered peppermint Joe-Joes.
  3. Add in pops of color. Since these cookies are neutral in color, I went all out adding Hammond’s peppermint ribbons and pillows, candy-cane spoons, peppermint bark, and Rudolph’s nose (do you see it?) for pops of red!
  4. Top it off– with marshmallows and gingerbread mug hangars. I did not hold back on the marshmallows and chose a variety. The entire inspo for this board was when I found these cute snowman marshmallows in a local flower shop- The Little Shop Next Door.
  5. Sip Sip Hooray! It’s almost Christmas Day! Keep on stirring with your chocolate spoon for extra goodness.

Honored and Trilled this board was featured by Southern Living Magazine and Midwest Living Magazine!

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