Meet Sarah of Grazing KC!

Sarah Juenemann is a Kansas City based food stylist, creative designer, and social gathering lover. She is owner and founder of Grazing KC, a hand-crafted charcuterie board and table company. Prior to starting her business, Sarah was a high school English teacher and has carried her passion for teaching and learning into food-design workshops, both online and around the country. 

She has been featured on the Midwest Momtrepreneurs Podcast, Live from Jasper’s Kitchen, Kodiak Cakes Blog, Better KCTV5, and City Lifestyle Magazine. Above all, her passion is creating an inviting, eye-catching, delicious experience for community and connection. “Whether you prefer a savory spread or a sweet treat, her swoon-worthy boards add a finishing touch to just about every occasion” Chelsey Modde.

From Sarah: “I have a passion for anything that connects people… and what’s better than food? Grazing KC is all about community, connection, and great conversation. Graze Boards become the centerpiece in gathering and a wow-factor for any occasion. I would love to work with you and create a one-of-a-kind board!”

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